Connecting students with communities that care.

Akama Fund was founded with the belief that every student has the potential to change their community and world for the better – and we’re working hard to make sure they have access to the resources they need to do so.

We believe that when you invest in a student, you’re investing in our collective future. 

A network of education philanthropists.

Akama Fund is a philanthropy fund that provides access to resources and opportunities for students in higher education from low income backgrounds. We’re building a cross-generation network of philanthropists, facilitating connection and creating opportunity.

Akama Pillars


We’re exploring the key factors that impact continuation within Higher Education.

Higher education is still a dream for many, but it’s one that becomes harder and more expensive with each passing year. One way to help reduce the burden of student debt is to offer more scholarships as well as sufficiently prepare students for life after university through guidance and early professional development. Through rigorous research and ongoing refinement of our approach, we hope to gain a better understanding of how best to positively impact this complex, generation-defining issue. 


We're rethinking the way scholarships are endowed, accessed, and awarded.

We believe that by targeting societal needs with our scholarships, we can help those who need it most while allowing donors to sustainably contribute to the causes they care about; from climate change, healthcare to building equity into the metaverse. Our eligibility criteria are also refined where there are specific representation gaps to close. We provide a one-stop platform for students applying, which ensures that those eligible receive support the way it should have always been.


We’re building a cross-generation network of students and modern philanthropists.

We learn a lot through our lives – much of it through mistakes. Knowledge preservation is a natural human desire – we want to pass on the things we’ve learned and help those we identify with in some way. Akama rallies around students during this important phase of their life, connecting them with like-minded communities that span generations; providing them with the support and space they need to take the strongest first step into the world.


It’s not just about the tech, or the giving. It’s about the people.

Despite having great first year results in Engineering, I couldn’t financially afford to progress into my second year. A tutor, who saw my potential, paid for me to continue. This act of generosity changed my life. The Akama initiative is a groundbreaking movement and I believe it can lessen the role circumstances play in educational outcomes.

Jim, San Francisco

UK Graduate in Engineering, 2001

Our Vision

A world where every student is able to pursue a fulfilling career, and in turn, help the generations after them to achieve the same.

Our Values

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