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Our mission is to make finding and applying for scholarships easy and stress-free. We’re here to connect you to the best scholarships, opportunities and educational resources in todays market.


Over 35,000 students nationwide have been inspired by the Akama Fund mission.
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Akama Fund was created to make scholarship hunting easier, faster and more efficient. Instead of spending days or years sifting through hundreds of confusing options, our innovative platform gives you access to all the latest and greatest scholarships in today’s market.

And it doesn’t stop there we dedicated to helping students like you build brighter futures by connecting you with top notch educational experiences, advice and resources to make the most of your time in higher education.


Akama works to give students more opportunities in higher education, allowing them to shape their own futures!


Akama is here to support students to make the best decision as they embark on a pivotal journey in their lives!


Akama encourages students to unlock their potential and discover fulfilling experiences that bring out the best in them!

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